Population of Japanese honey bee colony over the seasons 日本蜜蜂の1年間

Very interesting to see the changes over the year with my Japanese honey bees.


  1. 入箱後一ヶ月(5月)
  2. あつい!8月
  3. スズメバチの撃退後、冬の準備をする(11月)
  4. 働き蜂が減ってる(12月)
  5. 真冬
  6. 春に入る
  7. 働き蜂が増える
  8. 分封は始まる(5月)
  9. 分封後
  10. 分封後+5日
  11. 分封後+3週間
  1.  Swarm caught a settled in (+1 Month,June)
  2. Feeling hot hot, The peak of summer. On the flow (Mid August)
  3. Summer is over, hornet attacks have stopped. Time to get ready for winter (early Nov)
  4. Population is dropping (Dec)
  5.  Midwinter, Population at an all time low. (Mid Feb)
  6. Two weeks later and the population is starting to grow back.
  7. Two after that and the population is at full strength.
  8. Getting ready to swarm. (Start of May)
  9. Just after swarming.
  10. Post swarm plus five days
  11. Three weeks later and the colony is bigger than ever.