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Weeding is a must!

Well it’s my birthday today, so why not do something interesting on your birthday :-)

On Thursdays I generally check on the Hatada apiaries and today I noticed that the Perilla had started to take their dance of death and turn brown and honesty the stone terraces just weren’t looking good.

I knew this is gonna happen and had been putting off weeding that  section of the apiary because I  just don’t like weeding.

I had decided on only weeding around the beehives, but being a  Mr. Can’t stop when he gets started ended up pulling all the Perilla.

Now next, I’ve just got to get rid of all the Madagascar ragwort around the hives.
before_after2 before_after

エゴマの蜜源 Wild sesame perilla nectar

In less than four months, Following very wet rainy season (duh) the stone terraces have turned a brilliant green. At first I had no idea what this weed was and it turns out it’s a very common herb/spice used in Korean cuisine and known as wild sesame. It’s suppose to flower at the end of summer around September hopefully and is a good nectar source so I been told, I just hope the honey doesn’t smell like the leaves :-)



畑田組のミツバチ達 The bees at Hatada Village

There is something special about this village, Even though I only caught four swarms they are all doing well and exceeded my expectations and growing at an alarming rate.

An early harvest is looking very likely for at least one hive.

hopefully next year we can triple the amount of hives next year on once stone terraced  flourishing mandarin groove.