Jubako style

The Jubako style hive gets its name from the traditional lacquered box called Jubako in Japan.

It’s a frameless hive which can be made of various sizes,heights and widths. There is no wrong way, There is no right way to make this hive. You you make it to suit your needs and environment around you.


  1. No wrong way to do it.
  2. Very versatile.
  3. No frames = cheap.
  4. No frames = easy to manage. you just have to clear the bee gunk at the entrance every week or so. (I am on a 7 day – 10 day schedule during the months of March and October)
  5. Bees seem to like it.


  1. No frames = no way to check the health of the hive.
  2. When wax moth take hold, goodbye hive.
  3. No way to inspect the Queen.