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It’s nice being able to document the good changes, the bad  changes of each apiary year in year in out.

  • Warm winter day on Nushima
  • Sumoto Fireworks
  • Free Bees
  • follow the light
  • Old WWII barracks in Sumoto
  • Mossy
  • DSC00206.jpg
  • I often confuse easily
  • Humanity
  • Yellow Honet Nest 黄色ススメバチの巣
  • Dead and Dying
  • Suzumebachi 大スズメバチ
  • Icicles in one of the tunnels
  • 大轟の滝 Ootodoro waterfall, Toukushima
  • Boat houses of Ine
  • Battered kanji sign
  • Tanopopo
  • Obon matsuri on Awaji Island
  • Obon matsuri on Awaji Island
  • Cogwheel from the abandon sulfur on White Island
  • Mud and Smoke ,White Island New Zealand
  • White Island, New Zealand
  • All in a days work
  • Japanese Honey Bees
  • 瓦・Japanese roof tile
  • East side of Nushima
  • Nushima Island. God Rock ! 沼島・神立神岩
  • Dress for power
  • Rockin' the Danjiri
  • You sure you said it was this heavy?

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